Also knows as The Bloody Princess, The Demon Princess. Later becoming Baren Syvari

Daughter of King Velen/the demon Zernus and Queen Nilnha.

She is a genetically polygendered halfdemon, or demi-god, as since many elder cultures still worship demons as gods.

Appearance Edit

Average height, slim, toned. Her face is oval with a pointy chin, her lips are naturally red and not too full. Her nose is small, straight and slightly upturned. Her hair is an uncommon dark blue shade (close to prussian blue) and is often worn long, falling to her lower back with a fringe ending above her brows. Her most striking feature are her eyes, almost cyan blue and said to glint and glimmer as if lit by some inner radiance. The overall impression is of prettiness, rather than beauty, and overall gives a feline impression.

Early LifeEdit

Princess Gavra Safwe Mera Syvari was, according to the grand tome The Glorious Tale Of The Battle Of Enspin Plains As Witnessed By Gremmen The Fair, born on a moonless night on the twelfth day of the third month of summer, from the pairing of Queen Nilnha and the God of War and Mayhem, Zernus, who possesed the body of her husband King Velen. Two dozens of virgins and a dozen of bulls died the night of their coupling to fuel the power to summon the old god from the Realm Beyond. Full of energy, this god subsequntly roamed the empire, possessing random men and in such state forcing himself on their wives to spread his seed even further until, finally fully spent, he returned to the Realm Beyond. Many of these women later died from complications during pregnancy and those who managed to carry full term had their children taken away by the Queensguard soon after childbirth (the only known exception is Erim the Ranger, a man possessing many "demonic" features yet no demonic magic or temperament, currently residing in White Walls)

After her birth a Sealing gem was placed inside her body on astral plane (Realm Beyond) to prevent her from shifting between bodies/genders, sealing her into a female form she possessed into adulthood. The gem also caused her to exhibit certain traits inherited by her demon father, such as thirst for blood and violent tendencies. As a result of her dual nature she needs to consume life energy besides food in order to survive. As the Supreme Commander of the Army, she usually uses war prisoners for sustenance.

She began training her body and honing her magical skills at a young age. Captian Korin Whitley was assigned her fencing teacher. She soon developed romantic feelings for him and at the tender age of 9 tried to seduce him. Later she used her telepathic abilities to manipulate him into a sexual relationship. He was reassigned to Kerrinwen Outpost when this affair became known.

Has a private guard, The Shield, consisting of men altered by her blood into ever-obidient super-human beings, capable of telepathy on long distances, above human strength and mind. During the transition many forget their previous lives, lose the ability to empathise and feel emotional connection with anyone but The Princess.

At 13 she met her first love Varissa, a farmer's daughter, 2 years her senior. She brought Varissa, whom she lovingly called Rissa, along her on the campaign and later brought her to the Capital to the Royal Court. with forged documents proclaiming her noble birth, she was married to Count Adisanner, an elderly man solely responsible for the Adisanner estate and adjoining lands. Soon after their union, the Count fell ill and succombed to this illness, leaving Varissa the only heirsess. Only couple of months later, Varissa was named Gavra's consort, sharing her quarters at the Syvari Castle. . Three years later Varissa disapears and is never heard of again. Princess Gavra forbids everyone to speak her name.      

Relies on her magic more than her physical strength but is nevertheless very proficient with swords.   

White Walls and Later LifeEdit

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